Facts and figures


The key success factor of The Group Somaco is our team - over 600 emplyees, both administrative staff and workers. 20% of our successful employees are women, among which 3 are sitting in the management team. 16% of our team are young employees - younger than 25 years old.

Financial results

The Group Somaco regroups the companies Somaco Grup Prefabricate SRL, Somaco Structuri Prefabricate SRL and Somaco Antrepriza SRL.

The turnover of the Group Somaco increased steadily starting with 2009. It doubled in only 2 years, due to an increasing customer and project portfolio: in 2009 the turnover was 11 million euro, in 2010 - 16 million euro (+ 45%), in 2011: 21 million euro (+31%), in 2012: 25 million euro (+13%), in 2013: 25 million euro and in 2014: 32.9 million euro. For 2015 we envisage a turnover growth of 18%.

Evolutie CA Somaco Engl


The transaction Oresa Ventures - Somaco SA took place in 2008 and involved 32,5 million euro. 

In the past 4 years, the Group Somaco invested over 21 million Euro in order to extend the production capacity and the product range, to modernize the facilities and to train the employees. Somaco became thus one of the most dynamic investors on the construction market:

  • In 2008-2009: over 3,5 million euro for new technology, modernization and employee training in the 3 acquired plants.
  • In May 2011:  4 million euro to purchase the Teius plant - a new investment built by G&D Prefabbricati in 2008.
  • In May 2011: 3 million euro to launch a new production line in Roman: precast concrete elements for water infrastructure.
  • In 2012 we invested over 1 million euro in order to modernize the ready-mix facilities, to extend the mould range for precast concrete elements for water and road infrastructure.
  • In 2013 our investments were directed towards the precast segment - we installed a new ready-mix concrete station in Roman and we launched a new product range - the safety barrier system.
  • In June 2014. the Group Somaco acquired the Europrefabricate plants in Targoviste and Timisoara, becoming thus the largest producer of precast concrete elements in Romania. The investment involved 8 million euro, amount that represents the transaction itself and the working capital.

About us

Head Office: 67-77 Biharia Street, 2nd floor, Bucharest 1
Tel: 031 425 45 77, Fax: 031 425 46 29, office@somaco.ro