Sorin Miron is the new CEO of Somaco group of companies

Starting with September 2015, Sorin Miron is the new CEO of the Somaco group of companies, replacing Gabriel Colobaţiu, who has led the group for six years and who has been promoted into the position of Board Chairman for the Somaco group of companies.

Sorin Miron, age 42, has been the CFO of the Somaco group of companies since February 2009. Previously, he accumulated significant experience in large corporations such as Michelin, Dacia Renault and KPMG, both in Romania and abroad. Sorin graduated from Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and completed his studies in prestigious universities such as the University of Orléans and IMD Lausanne.

 « I am honored by the opportunity of taking over the management of Somaco and by the empowerment that I have received for my future CEO mandate. Somaco is one of the most dynamic players in the Romanian construction market, who in the past 6 years, despite the sharp crisis developed in the construction sector, had tripled its turnover and doubled the number of factories; Somaco regroups now 6 performing factories, located so as to provide a national coverage of construction projects. Our reference portfolio is impressive, including some of the most iconic buildings of recent years - to name just a few of them: the largest laser in the world ELI-NP Magurele, shopping centers like Mega Mall Bucharest, Kaufland, Dedeman, manufacturing facilities such as Daimler, GST, Continental, Hella» declares Sorin Miron, the new CEO of the Somaco group of companies.

With an annual turnover of 33 million euro in 2014, Somaco is one of the largest manufacturers of precast concrete elements that are used in road infrastructure, electrical infrastructure and water infrastructure, as well as for the construction of shopping centers, logistical or production halls within our country. Also, Somaco is one of the largest producers of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) in the country, the most famous brand in the Moldova region.

 « The ambitions of Somaco for the coming years are high, especially for the precast concrete segment. Our market potential is very large: Romania needs logistical, commercial and industrial facilities, Romania needs hundreds thousands of new residences; more than half households require connection to the sewerage system, a significant proportion of households have to be electrified and more than 3,000 kilometers of highway have to be built in order to link appropriately the most important regions of the country. In order to complete these works, the construction industry needs precast concrete elements and Somaco can produce a full range of precast concrete products, adapted to customers’ needs. We are present in all Romanian regions, so that we can effectively cover the most complex construction projects.

In the coming years we intend to strengthen our position in the market by retaining our current partners and by attracting new clients. We intend to become the preferred partner for general contractors and beneficiaries in the construction field, by offering complete solutions for precast concrete structures. Somaco will further promote the concept of "value engineering", having the expertise and the ability to provide integrated services for design, production and installation, in order to optimize the structure in terms of cost and execution time.

Another priority of my mandate is the sustainable development: personnel development, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. In this regard, I wish mention the modernization project of the AAC factory in Adjud, which has a major impact on the environment and working conditions. It is an investment of 1.6 million euro, co-financed through grants from the Norwegian Government - the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 through Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania " stated Sorin Miron.

[boilerplate] Note for the Editor:

Somaco group of companies regroups the companies Somaco Grup Prefabricate SRL, Somaco Structuri Prefabricate SRL and Somaco Antrepriză SRL; it owns 5 precast concrete factories located in in Buzau, Romania, Teiuş, Targoviste and Timisoara, and a factory that produces the AAC thermal insulation systems – located in Adjud.

In the recent years, the Somaco Group has invested over 21 millions of euro for expansion of its production capacity and of the products range, for upgrading its technology and for staff training, being one of the most dynamic investors in the building materials market, during 2009-2015.

Its product portfolio include the AAC thermal insulation system and a large range of precast concrete elements for bulding structuresa dn infrastructure.

The reference portfolio of the Group Somaco includes: shopping centers like Mega Mall Bucharest, Dedeman, Kaufland, Carrefour, Bricostore, Praktiker, OBI, Metro, Baumax, Hornbach; logistic centers (Wim Bosman, SEA, Lidl, Kaufland, Xindao, Millenium); production halls (Gebauer&Griller, Hella, Daimler, GST, Continental, Hamilton, Martur, Elster, Yazaki); the largest laser in the world ELI-NP Magurele, socio-cultural structures, hydro consolidations, retention basins, roads and bridges projects, structures for wind stations and upgrades to the sewer systems and Enel power lines, etc.

The sole shareholder of Somaco Group is the Swedish investment fund Oresa Ventures, which owns a portfolio of successful companies such as Fabryo Corporation, RTC Proffice Experience, Kiwi Finance, Trinity, Medicover, La Fantana, Romanian Business Consult (RBC).

7 September, 2015

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