Reference projects - production halls

Project nameGeneral contractorExecution yearElements supplied by SomacoProject area (mp)
Production Facility Martur OarjaMartur July, 2014precast concrete columns, precast concrete beams, precast concrete purlins7.500
Gebauer&Griller BaltiMay, 2013precast concrete foundation elements, precast concrete columns, precast concrete beams and purlins, precast concrete slabs14.000
Hella TimisoaraKesz EpitoOctober, 2012precast concrete columns, precast concrete beams, precast concrete purlins, precast concrete walls8.000



Did you know that?

... Somaco is the producer with the biggest production capacity for precast concrete elements for infrastructure, civil and industrial building in Romania?

... The precast concrete elements are produced by Somaco in Buzau, Teius and Roman?

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