Environmental protection

The Group Somaco pays an increasing attention to environmental aspects and commits itself for promoting a healthy environmental policy.

Our current environmental projects target recycling and development of ecologically efficient products and processes.

Recycling waste or materials resulting from the production process

Recycling waste or materials resulting from the production process

In 2012 we launched a crushing and recycling line for AAC and precast concrete elements.
In the same year Somaco Grup Prefabricate launched the recycling project: Somaco recicleaza!

Our partner in Bucharest is the organisation Viitor Plus through the programme "Recicleta". We collect paper to be recycled. The paper is transported with "cargo-bikes", ecological transportation means. The cargo-bikes are driven by disadvantaged people, whom the programme "Recicleta" assures thus a legal and stable job.

In Adjud we have a partnership with the City Hall. Our colleagues sort the waste and deliver it to other companies to be recycled and incorporated in other products.

In both locations, every room was provided with boxes branded with the logo "Somaco recicleaza!" in order to better sort and collect the waste.

Development of ecologically efficient products and processes

Development of ecologically efficient products and processes

We are concerned by developing ecologically efficient products and with a low CO2 blueprint. One example is the autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), one of our main products.

The AAC is an ecological material for energy efficient constructions

  • The AAC can be 100% recycled
  • Taking into consideration the AAC quality of excellent thermal insulator, building the exterior walls with 35 or 40 cm ACC ensures an excellent insulation; thus, the houses built with AAC do not require addiditional thermal insulation (e.g. polystyrene); it is thus an ecological building solution
  • The production process does not polute - it issues only steam
  • It uses efficiently the ressources (4 parts AAC are produced with 1 part raw materials)
  • It uses little energy during the life cycle: in order to produce AAC it is necessary less than half energy compared to other building materials; once placed, the AAC saves energy because it is an excellent thermal insulator
  • It provides a healthy air inside the buildings, it does not issue toxic emissions
  • It is an anorganic material, that breathes, does not mold and cannot be penetrated by insects

Starting with 2012, Somaco completely recycles the AAC resulted from the production process.

Sustainable development


Did you know that?

...The autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) can be 100% recycled?

...During the ACC production process we release only steam?

...AAC does not burn, does not release toxic emissions, it breathes and ensures a healthy air inside the buildings?

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