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The "Somaco" website presents information about the companies Somaco Grup Prefabricate SRL and Somaco Structuri Prefabricate SRL, about its products and services.

The companies in the "Somaco" Group are separate, independent legal entities. However, the terms "Somaco", or "We" used on this website will refer to "Somaco" in general or, unless explicitly stated otherwise, where no specific company is identified in the "Group". Somaco (Somaco Grup Prefabricate SRL or Somaco Structuri Prefabricate SRL).

The name "Somaco" is a registered trademark belonging to Somaco Grup Prefabricate SRL.

Any connection with Somaco Holding SA is excluded.

Somaco is a registered trademark of Somaco Grup Prefabricate S.R.L.



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