Somaco becomes partener of the Norwegian Government in the project cofinanced by the Norway Grants

Somaco Grup Prefabricate proudly announces that it became partner of the Norwegian Government in the project "Modernisation of the Adjud AAC Factory", cofinanced by the Norway Grants.

The general project objectives are:

- Reducing the current energy consumption (especially gas) in our Adjud unit with min. 30%.

- Decreasing the waste percentage with 50% of the current level within our Adjud unit.

- Developing our company social impact in community (improved work safety and work conditions)

The project is developed with grants from the Norwegian Government Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 through Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania

Takk, Norge!

29 May, 2015

For more details please contact:
Raluca Banateanu, Marketing and Communication Manager Somaco Grup Prefabricate

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